realistic suited character


The goal of this project is to create a Realistic suited character, taking inspiration from the recent fortnite "midas" skin, but with a realistic twist. The software i'll be using is Zbrush for sculpting the character, 3dsmax for unwrapping and packing, and marvelous designer for clothing.

marvelous designer

Using marvelous designer, i created patterns and stitched them together to simulate the mesh that i'd need as a starting base for my clothing on the character. 

zbrush & texture test

This process for me was to familiarise myself with easier techniques used in production. I created my characters face with enough detail that i wanted to project onto a base mesh that had already been retopologized and textured. After this, i used zwrap to deform that base mesh over my highpoly to quickly get a low poly version of my mesh. After this, i baked my own normal map in substance painter and made painting adjustments necessary to get the achieved result in marmoset below.

Once i confirmed this is the process i'll be using for this character, i decided to move on and finish detailing out the sculpt and finish the character, before moving onto texturing the full thing.



Now that i was comfortable with the base i had, i have started to detail out the clothing for this character, adding pleats, pockets and creases to the waistcoat and trousers. I've changed the concept for the holster, as i wanted to show a bit of a break between materials when it comes to the texturing stages, so i decided to add in straps to go alongside the leather, with golden buckles.

I've also added some tattoos by polypainting just as a placeholder to show where these would go, once imported into substance painter.



This time around, i decided to work on the back of the character, by detailing in seams and creases to the back of his waistcoat. I also added in a strap which i didn't originally include in my marvelous designer pattern... It was something i originally didn't want to include, but felt it was a nice touch and changed my mind.

I also added some collar clips, with some chains connected; this is just something i felt would make the character a little more fashionable, and keeping to the theme of the original character "midas" who has a strong connection with the material gold.I fleshed out the tie properly, defined some creases in the shirt, as well as the seams, and pushed the collar of the waistcoat out, exposing more of the shirt beneath.

I added more details into the hands...pores, fingernails and wrinkles... as well as detailing out the shoes and gun-holster. The next steps from here are to polish everything up, including final details in the gun holster, shoes and hands, then move on to retopology. 


retopology and testing textures

After finishing the retopology for the main outfit, i decided to go ahead and test some texturing in substance painter for the shoes. The shoes were baked in substance painter etc etc


Hair cards, textures and posing

Once i had finished the entire retopology, i decided to move onto texturing the outfit, as well as edits to the face textures, and painting the textures for the arms. For hair strands, i used the hair strand generator sold on Artstation. From there, i placed hair cards manually in 3dsmax, and exported in marmoset for rendering. I used mixamo for posing.

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